Annamay Pierse World Record

University of Toronto Pool, March 14, 2009; Canadian Winter Nationals.

I was in Toronto for a series of photography workshops and I was staying with an old room mate who was then a swim coach with University of Calgary. Actually I lived with a houseful of U of C coaches. Anyway, as I walked on deck to chat with Bill Humby, Head Coach for University of Alberta his first words were, “we could have a world record swim in 15 minutes”, “Annamay is doing her 200 Breast”.

Although you could feel the energy before her race, it was nothing compared to when Annamay hit the water. With every stroke it was like a huge roar from a drum. I have never felt energy like this before and Annamy took that energy from the sold out crowd and made every stroke perfect and powered to a roaring WORLD RECORD.

The following set of images are from Annamay Pierse’s World Record 200 Breast Stroke, 2:17:50.

Dream Big

The Start

CourtneyFebruary 12, 2011 - 9:25 pm

Those are some really good pictures! Did you take them? I didn’t know that photography could be so good! My mom reminded me to check out your website. I will tell my friends to check it out.


Courtney and Leslie

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